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Good writing should be at the heart of any SEO strategy.


I started working in SEO in 2009 when it was a relatively new discipline. It has changed a lot since then, but one thing hasn’t: good, clear writing should always be the foundation of a good SEO strategy.

For almost nine years I worked in the marketing department at Emerson College, where I wrote SEO-friendly content for and other web materials. I have also performed audits and services for the Harvard Business School (HBS) Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator program, HBS Health Care Initiative, various insurance companies and law firms as Metter Media‘s SEO strategist, and others.


I provide the following SEO services both on a freelance basis and through Metter Media:

  • High-level SEO audits (details below) 
  • Keyword research ranging from basic to advanced 
  • Evaluation of your company’s online presence against competitors 
  • Help building your Google my Business (local search) listing 
  • Writing and content development for your website with careful attention to voice, branding, and messaging, as well as structure and ease of navigation 
  • Writing SEO titles, meta descriptions, and headings with target keywords 
  • Advanced, in-depth analysis of your website primarily using tools from SEO platform, including link research, domain analysis, and stats on high-level pages 
  • Google Analytics and traffic measurement upon request 

What I’ll include in a basic SEO audit 

  • Search results: findings and suggestions 
    This would include a list of the top search results that appear when Googling the company name so you can see where your company places in that list and who the competitors might be for your important keywords. This will give me an idea of how easy it is to find your business and also evaluate:
    • SEO Title tags 
    • Meta descriptions 
    • Local search listing 
  • Suggestions for the homepage of your website and other on-site SEO 
    I’ll look at your website, chiefly the homepage and high-level pages, with the following questions in mind:
    • Is your messaging clear? Is it easy for users to find out exactly what you offer, and quickly? Is your website easy to navigate? What’s the story you’re telling?
    • Do each of your main pages have a clear purpose with distinct keywords and phrases? 
  • Additional Findings
    I’ll look at any other obvious elements affecting your SEO, such as: paid advertising, social media presence, alt text for images, off-site SEO, backlinking opportunities, and can also provide some basic keyword research. 

Contact me for pricing and details.

“We hired Sarah to do an SEO audit for our site and were delighted with the level of service she provided. Not only did she provide insight that helped massively increase organic traffic to our site, but she provided us with an outline of best practices that we used to help frame our overall web presence. We were able to boost our social media channels, rank higher in search engines, and understand the metrics that we needed to look at for our targeted audience. We never realized how much we were under-utilizing our assets until Sarah showed us what we were actually capable of doing. I wholeheartedly recommend her, and cannot imagine how companies go so long without having a professional like Sarah look at their site.”

Krys Mroczkowski, Harvard Business School

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